When does a debt review expire?

If this is one of the many debts related questions that you have, you have come to the right place to get the answers that you are looking for.

Let us start with what it means to be placed under debt review. This is the process by which you are flagged at the credit bureau as being under a type of restriction to make any further credit applications on your name.

The debt review entails arrangements with creditors to make repayments according to certain negotiated terms which makes the repayment of all outstanding credit easier for you to do.

This means that any creditor that checks your credit profile will be notified and made aware of the fact that you are currently under debt review if this is the situation that you are currently facing.

Debt reviews does not expire on its own, and even if you meet all the requirements to remove the debt review from our name, there is still a process that you would need to go through to get the debt review removed against your name and to obtain clearance.

This process is called the debt review removal process and it entails the following important factors to achieve the end result of no longer being under debt review:

  • It is advisable to contact and make use of a professional person or company that deals with debt review and credit related tasks as their main form of expertise, this is to ensure that your credit profile and future is in the hands of trustworthy and skilful individuals
  • Once you decided on the company that meet the requirements that you have, they will assist you with all the processes that follows to achieve the result
  • The debt review company will ensure that you meet the criteria required to remove a debt review from your name, some of which include having the financial means to settle all outstanding debt or being in the financial position to retake original monthly payment instalments
  • Once this is established and proof can be given to creditors the debt review company takes the next steps to do the removal application with the ultimate goal being the receipt of a clearance certificate which you can use as further proof to new creditors that you are no longer under debt review.


If you make use of the right debt review removal specialists, these factors should be at the top of their list of processes that they will follow to help you get rid of your debt review.

Our team of specialists at NDCSA will do just that, we are here to help you remove the debt review from your name as easy and efficient as possible.

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