Tips on the Debt Review Removal process

Debt Review refers the action where a person is placed in a programme where their debt repayments are combined and lessened each month, the monthly repayment term might be extended because of the lowered repayment fee per month to assist the individual. Debt Review is a good way to assist with paying of debts in a way that meet the capabilities of the debtor, however this can put a lot of strain on the person that is going through the debt review because it puts any future credit application on hold for this person.


How to remove Debt Review from my name?

Debt Review Removal specialists are the best individuals to contact for assistance with the debt review removal process. Our expert team at NDCSA will go through each and every step with you to ensure the debt review gets removed from your name and we can also assist you with obtaining a clearance certificate as proof that you are no longer under debt review.


Criteria that need to be met for Debt Review Removal:

  • You need to ensure and be able to prove that your financial position has improved and that you will be able to;
  • Continue with the debt repayments as they previously were before the debt review process; or
  • If you want to clear yourself from all debt entirely, you will need to have the necessary funds in place to settle all remaining debt if this is the process that you choose to follow; or
  • You will need to provide proof that all outstanding debt has been paid during the debt review process if you want to clear all debt from your name and remove the debt review from your name.


If you meet one of the criteria above and you are ready to make a change and go on with your life without the stress of a debt review holding you back, contact our experts at NDCSA today to ensure you get all the information you need and so that we can assist you as soon as possible.

Once NDCSA assisted you with the Debt Review Removal, you will be able to continue making credit applications again as you wish and you can start your life on a clean slate and put the debt review process behind you, we are here to help you make this happen!