Looking to buy a car BUT currently under Debt Review?

When you are under Debt Review you are prepared that you will not be able to make any loan applications or get any credit facilities. This might be acceptable for the first period of the Debt Review.

The prohibition against loans might make sense to you, and might not impact you as drastically, however, when it comes to buying houses or buying cars, you might feel different as these are basic human desires.

The Debt Review against your name restricts you from buying a car using vehicle finance facilities. This means that should you happen to have a ton of cash lying around somewhere, you can buy a car cash.

The same cannot be said when it comes to buying a car though vehicle finance, and this would usually be the preferred method, because not everyone might have the required amount of cash to buy a car without vehicle finance facilities as most cars are quite expensive.

Vehicle finance falls under credit facilities because the bank agrees to pay the full amount for the car to the dealership by which it technically becomes the asset of the bank, and you will then make monthly payments to the bank towards the car at an interest rate so that you can be in the possession of the car.

These monthly payments occur over an agreed period, and once the entire balance of the car including interest is paid, the car becomes your asset.

The debt review against your name will prohibit you from making use of vehicle finance and therefore prohibits you to buy a car because you are restricted to make ANY new credit applications, no matter how necessary it might be.

If you are in the financial position that you were before requiring a debt review whereby you were able to make monthly repayments on time and on a continues basis, or you have a settle amount to pay off any outstanding loans, the Debt Review can be removed from your name.

Our Debt Review Removal services at NDCSA are there to help you move on with your life without the Debt Review holding you back. We have all the necessary resources and skills to deal with the process on your behalf.

At NDCSA we understand the frustration that these limitations might cause you while being under Debt Review, and that is exactly why we are here to help our clients.

Once we assisted you with the Debt Review Removal process and you obtain your clearance certificate, you can proceed to buy your dream car using vehicle finance facilities as you require.

Contact our experts today and browse our website at NDCSA to find out more about our Debt Review Removal services, and how we can help you.