ITC Clearance

Our ITC Clearance services at NDCA will help you to clear your name so that you can start on a blank page.

What does it mean to have a poor ITC credit record?

This is the case for a lot of people whose financial obligations might be taking a toll on their livelihood, and it might not always be possible to meet all your financial obligations.

If you are in the position where you missed a payment to a creditor, made a belated payment to a creditor, or you were flagged at ITC by your creditor because of a repayment issue, the record will remain against your name at ITC.

Why is ITC Clearance important?

ITC Clearance refer to the removal of this poor credit history from your record.

If you have a poor credit record for whatever the reason might be it can cause a lot of stress and it can be a difficult obstacle to overcome without the help of specialists.

Having a poor credit record means that other creditors will be extremely hesitant to provide you with credit or grant you a loan because the credit record indicates that you are not dependable when it comes to repayments. Most of the time this is not the case, you might have just missed a payment due to personal reasons and now you are stuck with it permanently unless clearance is obtained.

If ITC Clearance is not obtained the record will remain unchanged and your situation will remain the same.

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How can NDCSA assist me with ITC Clearance?

At NDSCA we specialise in ITC Clearance, and we understand the importance of having a good credit record.

We follow the best possible processes to ensure that you are granted with ITC Clearance. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way. We will assess your current credit record and work out a customized plan for your situation to ensure that you obtain ITC Clearance.

Once ITC Clearance is obtained you can start on a new blank page with your credit record and improve or change certain factors that can implicate your credit record if needed.

Browse our website or contact us for more information on our ITC Clearance services and find out how NDCSA can help you.

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