Is it legal to remove a debt review from your name?

If the debt review process is done correctly, it is a process done through the credit bureau which is the recognized company in South Africa for collection of credit information and sharing this information with creditors.

The debt review process is the method used to apply a type of credit block on someone’s profile at the National Credit Regulator. This means that all creditors that access your credit profile will be able to see that there is a debt review against your name.

This prohibits you from making any further credit applications with the goal to ultimately ensure you are debt-free. The debt review against your name can, therefore, restrict you from obtaining crucial things like vehicles or property should you wish to obtain them through finance.

This is where the debt review removal process becomes crucial. The debt review removal process consists of steps and procedures that need to be completed to ultimately ensure that your name is cleared at the credit bureau to ensure you can proceed with your life without being restricted any further.

The debt review removal process is legal if it is completed correctly and done by the right professional people.

A Debt review isn’t something you can freely withdraw from your name. There are very specific procedures that need to be followed and the right resources need to be implemented to ultimately get your name cleared.

If you can prove that you are in the financial position to make debt repayments or if all your outstanding debt is paid off, the process of legally removing the debt review from your name can begin.

The debt review removal process is done by a debt councilor which has the necessary skills and resources to ensure that you no longer have a debt review against your name once the process is successfully completed.

Once the debt review is removed from your name, you will receive a clearance certificate which can be used as proof to creditors that you are no longer under debt review.

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