How much does it cost to go under debt review?

There is no exact amount available because it differs from individual to individual, this is based on the fee that the debt councillor asks, the regulated debt counselling fees by the NCR and off course, the amount of debt that you must repay.

The larger the amount of debt, the larger the repayment will be, even if the monthly repayment is less than the monthly fees you currently pay, the total accumulated cost of the debt repayment will be more than it would have cost without the debt review.

The NCR also provides specific guidelines for the fees that companies and debt councillors can ask, and it is the responsibility of the individual going under debt review to ensure that the counsellors do not dismiss the regulations. This amount is 5% of the distributable amount or an amount of not more than R450 per month, these fees exclude all other NCR payable fees such as Attorney fees, submission fees, application fees, and more.

While it is quite clear that going under debt review can be an expensive process in the long run, debt review is an extremely wise route to follow if you are not able to meet your credit obligations, and if you require any additional assistance in managing your financial situation.

Debt review can also be removed from your name if you no longer wish to continue with the process or if you completed the process and all your debts are paid off.

This is exactly where our specialised debt review removal services at NDCSA come in. Our experienced team of specialists at NDCSA will work with you to assist you in removing the debt review from your name in the most effective way possible.

We assisted hundreds of clients to get a debt review removed from their name and we know exactly what the process entails and what documents and information we need to get the debt review completely removed from your name in a timely manner.

Once the debt review is removed from your name, we provide you with a NCR Clearance certificate to ensure that you can proceed with your daily lives without the baggage and stress of additional costs and credit restrictions imposed by the debt review process.

Browse our website at NDCSA for more information on the services that we provide and find out how we can help you get rid of your debt review today.