Can my credit score influence my employment?

One would think that your credit score and employment are very unrelated, but contradictory to this idea, these two actually walk hand in hand.

Employers have the right to check your credit score as set out in the National Credit Act, prior to, and during your employment period.

The  main reason for the credit score differs, sometimes it is simply done to confirm that you are indeed the person that you say you are, by checking personal details such as addresses, names, and other important info.

In other cases, credit checks are done to assess your financial position or spending habits. This means that if you have debt, missed payments, bankruptcy or even judgments against your name, your employer or future employer will be able to see this during the credit check.

While employers have the right to check this, it is crucial to be aware of the fact that consent is required from you for employers to do these checks and cannot proceed to do so without your consent.

Employment can be influenced by your credit score due to various factors. If you have judgements against your name or missed payments, employers might see this as an indication that you are irresponsible and unable to manage your finances effectively.

This would obviously be a major concern employer and even more so if you work in the financial industry.

In a lot of cases employers might not appoint you because of this. Now, while it is true that you can prohibit employers or prospective employers from accessing your credit record, this might also contribute to suspicion as to why you are not willing to share this information.

It is, therefore, extremely important to ensure your credit record is in good shape when applying for a new job or for routine credit check purposes, but it is not always possible to avoid.

If you have judgements against your name or you were or are under debt review, we can help you to get the ITC clearance you require to start on a blank page when it comes to your credit profile.

At NDSCA we have years of experience in assisting our client to obtain ITC clearance to ensure a clean credit record against their name.

Once we assisted you to obtain ITC clearance, you will obtain a clearance certificate to serve as proof that your credit situation has changed, and the judgements will be removed from your name entirely.

If you are currently in a similar position and you do not want it to influence your employment, contact us at NDCSA today for more information on how our ITC clearance and debt review removal services can help you.